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Social Media Management

Digital technology has gone beyond connecting people; it has linked thoughts, ideas, culture and businesses. Nearly half of people across the globe have internet access today and they are using social media platforms to express themselves.

Businesses, too, prosper when social media is done right. Therefore, a strong and active presence on mainstream social media networks such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, has become fundamental for any business to sustain itself.

With every click, tap and swipe, data is being generated. We extract useful knowledge from this collected data and analyse it to provide powerful insight.

With unprecedented presence on every social media channel possible, your venture will develop a broader reach, giving you more access to your customer/audience needs, establishing more robust connections.

We provide services to manage your online portfolio and improve your engagement and relationship with the customers. Our team tailors strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM) to make you a top business player in the online world.

Online promotions

Through social media optimization (SMO), we can promote your business online using RSS feeds, social news and bookmarking sites, social media sites and video and blogging sites.

Using Google trends, blog comments to discover any questions your audience might have, to using twitter insiders, Google analytics and Government data, every aspect of online world is uncovered with the right tools.

Brand Management

A brand is unique due to its identity. We manage this Brand identity by promoting elements such as brand vision, brand culture, positioning, personality, relationships, and presentations.

Using behavioral microtargeting, one can predict needs of customers and how these needs may change over time. Services then can be individually targeted for the benefit of clients from the political arena and governments, providing a better and more actionable view of the key audiences.

Media Management

To give an edge to a business, effective media management is key. Holding a press interaction on days of the week that get the best impact; making specific points in approximately three to five minutes to writing press releases and newsbytes that would get maximum eyeballs can bring a sea change in the way a venture is perceived by the world.

Multiple platforms such as video, Facebook, display, audio, Twitter are used for delivering messages on a regular basis. From paid promotion for initial boosting to reach out more audiences to informing people about your past achievements, we develop an emotional connect with the audience.

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