National Identification Numbers (NIN) Verification

The Verification is a platform developed to enable verification of identities of persons enrolled in the National Identity Database. it is used for retrieving captured information from the National Identity Database to matching information associated with NIN of the particular person.

NIN Verification by a single click

Our Platform empowers Institutions, Businesses and not for Profits solves their Identity validation challenges enabling:

Let's companies and organizations know who anyone truly is using an intelligent system and set of processes to confirm identities online and in real-time.

There is now a national identity verification system where you can check status of identity card using the following simple steps:

Trusted NIN Verified by us

Purging of Redundant Identities
Our solution enables removal of redundant identities such as the removal of ghost workers from government databases.

Automated KYC Checks
Automates Know-Your-Customer and due diligence requirements for its clients.

Fraud Detection and Investigation
Our services help address the challenges and risks of doing business in today's environment.

Access to Quality Secure Data Sources
We offer access to trustworthy data sources offering a diverse range of quality verifiable data, based on its client's identity Verification requirements.

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